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Various Liquior Selections

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Do you know one of our features is abundant line-up of Japanese liquiors such as "sake" and "sochu."? We hope many people enjoy our Japanese liquiors with our tasty dishes. To let many people know about it, we will explain our line-up of our various liquiors here.

Our line-up

Our sake and Shochu line-up is listed on menu page. As you can see on the page, we serve beer, cocktails as well as sake and shochu.

Various Sake

In Japan, there a lot of brands of sake. Sake's flavor is different from each other because its ingredients, temperature, water, and so on is different among each regions of manufacturers. We map sakes by taste and flavor and you can choose your favorite sake from the map when ordering. Please find your favorite sake at Ramen Bar Ichi!

What is Shochu

Japanese sake is a kind of brew liquor. On the other hand, Shochu is distilled liquor and contains usually 24% of alcohol against 14%, Sake. Usually, when we drink shochu, we mix with something like tea, water and so on. Also, we put some toppings on it. We offer Umeboshi(salted plum), lemon and lime for toppings.

Please find your favorite drinks at Ramen Bar Ichi!

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