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Hero's Ramen x Sushi in San Antonio

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Our sister restaurant, Hero's Ramen x Sushi in San Antonio TX, has been opened on September 6th 2019 last week. It is soft-opening so we serve only ramen and sushi right now. The website is here!

Now, we are serving Tonkotsu Ramen which is almost same as Ramen Bar Ichi's and Miso Ramen which has been newly developped for Hero's.

Also, we serve various sushi plates. Treasure bowl is a seafood sahimi bowl. It has various sashimi on vinegared rice. Salmon Lover Bowl is another choice for people who love salmon.

Most of items are listed on the Hiro's website. Please check it out!

If you come to San Antonio, please stop by and try out our tasty ramen!

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