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Let's try out our various dishes!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We hope many customers can enjoy our tasty Japanese dishes. These dishes are developped with Japanese traditional cooking methods.

We seriously pursue traditional Japanese foods.

Ramen Bar Ichi have developped our dishes with traditional Japanese cooking methods, "Sa(さ)", "Shi(し)", "Su(す)", "Se(せ)", "So(そ)." These are first carachters of Japanese seasonings' names in Hiragana and Katakana.

The "Sa(さ)" means sugar, "Satou" in Japanese. The "Shi(し)" is salt, Shio(しお). The "Su(す)" is vinegar, Su(す). The "Se" is soy sauce, Shoyu(Seuyu)(しょうゆ). Finnaly, the "So" stands for miso paste, Miso (みそ).

These seasonings' conbinations create various and tasty Japanese foods and we strictly follow this basics to create our dishes. Please try out our various dishes.

Flavorful soup

Do you know how to make tasty ramen soup? One of the importance for ramen soup is dashi, meaning flavorful stocks. We use a hidden natural dashi in our soup and it becomes more flavorful with our ramens.

Keep an eye on quality

We strictly keep an eye out for high quality everytime. Japanese foods are so sensitive and if something happens, the quality gets degraded. We always keep an eye on our all dishes to maximize our customers' satisfaction.

We hope everybody can enjoy our tasty dishes at Ramen Bar Ichi.

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